Salam my muslim peeps! Anybody traveling to Gothenburg (second largest city after Stockholm), Sweden? Avoid eating too much outside, get hotel/hostel that have kitchen for you to use. Most restaurants in Sweden are very costly, this is because Sweden becoming the centre of culinary scene with local chefs having their own organic farming and sustainable agriculture making Sweden, especially Stockholm a Europe surging culinary star.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try any of the local food there, isn’t?
For budget travelers like me, I always try my best to find cheap but tasty food. My first 2 nights at Gothenburg, I stayed at Slottsskogens Vandrarhem & Hotell (please note that the location where I stayed for first 2 night are consider far for people who are not used to walk 30-40 minutes to the center, but tram are close by 3-5 minutes walking), they have kitchen for people to use, everything are provided from cooking materials to tableware, so make your own food and look for fresh supermarket which is very easy to find in Gothenburg, just the price are different. I went to Hemköp (no picture), their branches are almost all over the town which make it easy to find. From my hotel it just took 2 minutes, they got so many items and fresh seafood such as fresh Mussel or Musslor in Swedish which cost around 40kr (krone) per 1kg which is around RM 20 approximately.

To try some local food, go to Oliven. A mini market which also provide express sandwich and coffee not only for take out but they also provide a special space for you to enjoy the meal. Just go inside the shop and ask which baguette or panini or sandwich that are suitable for vegetarian. The worker don’t speak English but they will try to translate for you the ingredients one by one for you concerns!  Cheap and tasty baguette (I ate shrimp eggs with mayonnaise) which only cost you 35kr with coffee.

The cozy Oliven provide hot coffees & fresh sandwiches in their mini grocery.

In other cafe, coffee can cost you around 25-30kr. You’ll never experience bad coffee even how cheap you bought the coffee, this is because Sweden is the top 3 world’s biggest coffee consumers after Netherland and Findland.

Having coffee is considered as a lifestyle in Sweden, have fika (coffee) with fikabrod (cinnamon bread) to experience their culture!

For anyone who are waiting for their bus to the airport, try to go to Cafe Kronhuset, 7 minutes from Gothenburg Central Station through Nordstan access. Cinnamon bread and coffee cost you 50kr which still consider cheap in Gothenburg. Or if you like, try their significant dish, gravad lax (marinated salmon served with dill, lemon with potato or salad)!
Enjoy! Love