After the short visit to Akershus Fortress, I continue my journey to Astrup Fearnley Museum but before that I decided to try out some waffle from the food truck beside the harbor since the smell has caught my appetite. The food could be quite costly but definitely cheaper than the restaurants however, you get what you paid. I bought normal waffle and they provided free toppings for your waffle together with black coffee without sugar just how I used to like it. As for the toppings I chose fresh cream, blueberry and strawberry jam. I was probably hungry or the waffle was really good, I still remember the taste of the fresh hot waffle in the cold weather, crispy on the edge while soft in the middle combined with the richness of the fruit jam. It was quite adventurous too eat outside since the seagulls will land nearby you when they see you got food with you but I’m pretty sure they wont attack you though.







Astrup Fearnley Museet.

After the quick freshen up, I went to Astrup Fearnley Museum. Astrup Fearnley Museum was opened on 29 September 2012 and designed by world-reowned Italian architect, Renzo Piano. The museum contained permanent private collections of contemporary arts including temporary exhibitions which make Astrup Fearnley the largest and important collections in Norway.



Even I’m not much fan of contemporary art but the visit really excites me. Somehow my inspiration was triggered after viewing all the collections. On my visit, an exhibition by Damien Hirst, an artist from Bristol was hold. I admit the exhibition made me feel uncomfortable since most of his art displays the combination of arts and scientific preservation of animals where the animals are executed. The animals are being cut in half and the organs were also shown, the executed animals are placed in a tank filled with formaldehyde for preservation purpose. I didn’t take any photos from the exhibitions because I just passed them through after I have seen 2 or 3 of the Damien Hirst’s work but if you’re curious how Damien Hirst work in Astrup Fearnley Museum, you can visit for more pictures and informations.


Some of contemporary art collections inside Astrup Fearnley Museum.