Viking Age is the most important and fascinating period in Scandinavian history and also well known as the world’s great civilization in their era.I have to admit, the only moment that I acknowledge about Viking is when a movie of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ was out and that time I thought the Viking was only a myth until I found out there is a Viking museum in Oslo, I was so excited. From Astrup Fearnley Museum, I walk to Radhuset and took bus number 30 to Vikingskipene, where the museum is located. There are 3 original Viking ships inside the museum, these 3 ships were found in the Viking tombs during the excavation at Oseberg in 1904 along with several artifacts such as remain textiles, wood carvings, sledges, a house carts, beds and many more which is 1100 years old and all the founds are restored in Viking Ship Museum. To be honest, the museum are much more simpler than the other museums that I have visited in Oslo in terms of architectural design of the building and it took me probably less than 15 minutes to finish the whole visit, but it is fascinating to watch how the ships are still in a good conditions even they are 1100 years old.