Traveloghalal is currently working on a new project by visiting local malay cafes in Malaysia! The first cafe on my list will be Ahmad & Co’s cafe at Kota Damansara, The Strand. Our Video is coming soon so stay tune, peeps!

Ahmad & Co Cafe, the first cafe where my heart lays after 2 months of traveling outside from Malaysia. After 2 years of living in United Kingdom, I’ve noticed that it is difficult for me to feel the same cafe’s vibe in Malaysia which is similar to most of the cafe that I’ve visited in United Kingdom. The first time I took a sip of the Flat White coffee in Ahmad & Co, it tickles some of the best memories I’ve spent in United Kingdom, affordable price, delicious true local nasi lemak taste, also serving the Italian spaghetti with Malay’s finishing touch (Spaghetti Green Chili Cream) specially for our taste bud! (please be reminded that this dish is burning hot). Their burger patties are freshly homemade from the kitchen too, and this patty are juicy and tender. What more can you ask?