I’ve been trying to process some thoughts on products from Korea and Muslim Tour Guides that claiming Muslim’s friendly or Halal travels to Korea since the arising numbers of muslims travelling to Korea especially tourist from Malaysia and Indonesia. Don’t get me wrong peeps, I do not intend to insult or provoke anyone but this is more to seeking not just for an answer, but proof to support the statement if anyone would like to clarify on their behalf. I’ve been to some part of country in Europe, Pacific Asia and Asia itself and Alhamdulillah (God Blessed), towards my journey as a person who concern with halal status (thanks to my dad who thought me well), I have faced numerous uncomfortable occasion when it comes to communicating with local businesses who sells or serves halal product yet doesn’t know the term properly. YES. THAT IS HOW SCARY IT CAN BE. Do we simply put our eyes and heart in blindfold and said ‘well, if they say it is halal, means it is, if it is not, then it’s their fault’ . Really? Do we simply just going to ignore the facts that HALAL terms is something very important for our lifestyle?