What is Traveloghalal?

As a business owners or a person who manage these outlets, you can create listing of your restaurants, cafe of stalls to make traveller easy to make further decision on their trip.

Muslim travelers is also looking for secure prayer places. A devoted Muslim has to do prayers five times a day. Therefore, they need to find Masjid (Mosque), Islamic Centre or a prayer room which is called Surau or Musholla to fulfill their obligation. Or alternatively a quite place that can conveniently submit their pray.

As a local community’s member of these spot, why not do some effort to create listing for this masjid or musholla to be found and can inspired traveller to plan their visit.

Muslim travelers will also search for hotels and inns which serve Halal cuisine or alternative muslim’s friendly sources, including the menu for the breakfast or in-room dining menu.

Hotel and Inns including homestay owners and management, do positively create your listing to grab this muslim traveller’s market. With the growth of Muslim travelers forecasted to outpace the growth of other travel segment, Halal Trip or Halal Friendly Travel market is increasingly becoming a key segment for the travel industry. According to records, this segment of travelers spent US$126 billion in 2011 a figure which is expected to grow to US$200 billion by 2020. For the travel industry, it means taking into action the needs of Muslim travelers in developing their service and facilities.

Many muslim travel globally for businesses, events, exhibitions, expo or seminars and workshop. Most likely they need more informations to plan where to stay and living near to the Muslim’s local communities.

World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS), Muslim Lifestyle Expo and many more business and trade events awaiting to be listed by event’s organizers or maybe by Muslimpreneurs him/herself.  Lets shares this and make some effort to guide Muslim’s Business Traveller.

Traveloghalal.com make it easy to you to participate and help this growing group of traveller with some small effort, just create your listing and write reviews! Thank you.